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Roll Into Endless Adventures With Tale Spinner:  Bring Stories To Life!

Colorful And Diverse Story Dice

The unidice is more than just a set of cube adorned with simple icons; it's a transformative storytelling tool designed to bring your narratives to life. With its innovative design, the unidice seamlessly adapts to the flow of your story, projecting vibrant and diverse images that range from intriguing characters and mystical locations to wondrous items and beyond. Whatever you can imagine, the unidice can visualize, making it an indispensable companion for game masters, storytellers, and creative minds eager to add depth and color to their tales.


Game Modes

Explore the boundless realms of storytelling with Tale Spinner's versatile game modes. Creator's Quest empowers you to craft unique narratives with the assistance of AI, tailoring every story to your imagination's whims. Narrative Odyssey invites you to immerse yourself in a rich library of pre-existing tales, brought to life through dynamic visuals and engaging storytelling. Meanwhile, Collective Chronicles offers a communal storytelling experience, perfect for creating memorable stories with friends and family. Each mode is designed to cater to different storytelling desires, whether you're looking to create, listen, or collaborate, ensuring a rich and varied experience for storytellers and audiences alike.

Theme Packs

We invite you to dive into a world of endless possibilities, where your imagination is the only limit. Our Theme Packs are specially designed to fuel your storytelling adventures, offering a rich variety of settings and characters to bring your stories to life. Whether you dream of weaving tales in mystical lands with our Fantasy pack, embarking on timeless adventures with our Fairytale pack, saving the day with our Superheroes pack, sailing the seven seas with Pirates, or exploring the vastness of the universe with our Space pack, we've got you covered. The best part? These themes can be mixed and matched to create truly unique and captivating stories. Unleash your creativity and explore the endless combinations to tell your story, your way. Welcome to a world where every story is an adventure waiting to happen!

Laughing Boy


Our Storytellers are not just narrators; they are the essence of each tale, changing the narrative storytelling style to match the mood, genre, and setting of your story. But the magic doesn't stop with the words; the entire user interface (UI) design transforms to visually complement the story's theme, creating an immersive experience that draws you deeper into the world you're exploring.

Additionally, each Storyteller possesses a distinct voice, carefully chosen to enhance the atmosphere and emotional depth of the narrative. From the warm tones of a fairytale to the suspenseful whisper of a mystery, the voice behind your story adds a layer of richness and engagement, making every tale a memorable journey.

Moreover, the uniqueness of our Storytellers extends to the very end of each story, where a special ending, tailored by the selected Storyteller, awaits. This custom conclusion is designed to perfectly echo the Storyteller's style, ensuring that the finale is as unique and immersive as the journey that led to it. Every story thus culminates in a way that not only resonates with the theme but also amplifies the storytelling experience, leaving a lasting impact.

Dive into a world where storytelling is reimagined. Choose your Storyteller and watch as your stories take on a life of their own, with each word, design, and voice guiding you through the vivid landscapes of your imagination. Welcome to a realm where stories are not just told; they are experienced, concluding in a manner as unique and captivating as the tales themselves.

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unique Characters

In the heart of our Storyteller App lies a unique feature that sets our Theme Packs apart — the presence of named, returning characters. Each Theme Pack is not just a collection of themes; it's a universe teeming with vibrant characters who grow, evolve, and embark on new adventures across different stories and settings. These characters serve as familiar faces amidst the vast landscapes of your imagination, offering continuity and depth that enrich your storytelling experience.

Our Games

unidice Powered

Dive into an interactive world of storytelling and gameplay with our Tale Spinner App, optionally enhanced by the groundbreaking technology of the unidice. This innovative electronic dice, crafted with six touch displays, a strong processor, and more, brings a new dimension to your gaming experience. Fully integrated with Bluetooth, the unidice allows for seamless interaction between the dice and the app, merging the tactile satisfaction of traditional dice handling with the limitless possibilities of digital play.

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